Lynch Point Improvement Association - Donation Drive 2005

The Lynch Point Improvement Association and YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD need your support and assistance.

Are you aware that the Lynch Point Playground located on River Drive Road and the Ball Field located on Grace Road belong to YOU!  The original owner, William Grace Lynch, set this ground aside for your family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy and improve the quality of life on Lynch Point.  The neighborhood children, as well as all residents benefit from the existence of these properties.

    It takes financial support to pay for the taxes, grass cutting, electric bills, maintenance, and improvements on the Playground and Ball Field.  Additionally, due to the resurfacing, curb, and sidewalk construction on Grace Road, the Ball Field has had an increased tax assessment.  The only way these bills can be paid is through your donations and support of fundraisers.  As you will see from the attached 2002 expense report, grass cutting alone costs the community approximately $3,000.00 per year.

      In addition to our normal expenses for maintaining the properties, we are in the process of purchasing new equipment for the Playground.  We also have plans for other improvements to be made to the properties this year.  Due to these additional expenses, we desperately need YOU to be as generous as possible with your donation.

      At this time, we are asking that every family on Lynch Point give a donation of whatever amount you can afford.  We want very much to continue moving forward in improving and maintaining YOUR Playground and Ball Field to make Lynch Point a better community to live in and a safer place for children to play. 

         PLEASE HELP in this ANNUAL FUND DRIVE.  Remember, any donation is tax deductible and we will be very happy to provide you with a receipt if you require one.

         For more information on donating either your time or money please call Ray Rudacille at 410-388-1669.

Thank You!
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